Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) should be a feature of most investors’ portfolios.

Now investors can enjoy the same high service level of a wealth manager, and at 4 Shires you will also receive expert investment management.

Our investment director has run SIPPs, SSASs (small company pension schemes) and has also worked for the largest defined benefit pension scheme in the UK, the BT Pension scheme.

We take pride in the personal service and response to our clients requirements. We accept regular payments or lumps sums into your pension, and can help manage the change in investments as you move from saving for a pension to taking income drawdown.

Pensions run by 4 Shires are run in a similar way to discretionary portfolios with a few important differences:

  • A SIPP would be held in a pension administration account, either one already in existence or one set up with a third party provider (e.g. Westerby, Rowanmoor)
  • The portfolio can be run in line with income draw-down regulations
  • It can have a different risk structure to a normal discretionary portfolio

Our experience in pension investment management will help guide you to a better informed and realistic retirement. When linked to our investment management expertise, we feel this is a first class pension service.