Good value at 4 Shires means low cost of ownership of assets.

There is a strong link or correlation between high charging financial services and low returns.

We want our clients to understand what we charge and what any investments they invest in cost to own.

The investment management industry has frequently been very confusing when it comes to what it costs to invest. Our aim is to remove the veil of secrecy.

For example, we tell our clients what the Total Expense Ratio is in any fund in which they invest, not what the annual management charge is. In addition we will explain the benefits of using funds that minimise the tax impact of owning assets.

We believe low cost does not have to mean low quality. We use the following investment universe to bring down costs for clients:

  • Exchange Traded Funds (Physical ETFs only)
  • Tracker funds
  • Investment Trusts
  • Direct Equities
  • Direct Fixed Interest Securities
  • Unit Trusts (if we believe the risk/cost/reward is worth it)

The above investments will form the core of any portfolio. We may purchase other funds if we feel it is in the client’s interest to do so.

Investments purchased fit both into the risk structure of the portfolio, and also the global approach we take to fund management.