What is the Alternative Investment Market (AIM)?

AIM is the London Stock Exchange’s international market for small growth companies with about one thousand companies currently listed. The general perception is that AIM companies are highly speculative micro caps that may never generate a profit. The reality is that there are now many established AIM companies with robust business models and consistent profitability. Some of them also pay attractive dividends.

4 Shires Approach

The 4 Shires investment philosophy is focused on capital preservation. We believe a well-balanced and diversified portfolio of qualifying AIM shares is key to investment and tax planning success. We invest primarily in the more established and less risky companies, seeking those at a later stage in their development with proven business models and more reliable cash flows. We consider the smaller companies on AIM as higher risk and more volatile.

Investing in AIM for IHT Benefit

By purchasing a portfolio invested solely in AIM listed companies whose businesses are predominantly in the UK, investors can benefit from business property relief after a minimum holding period of two years. As a result, these investments become eligible for inheritance tax mitigation of up to 100%. With our philosophy that competitive management fees can enhance our clients’ investment returns, we are offering our AIM Portfolio Service at one of the lowest annual fee rates in the industry with no up-front charges. The impact of lower management fees has a significant positive effect on the long-term investment performance. If you are interested in knowing more about the AIM Portfolio Service or other services we provide, please contact us.