Further to our notification regarding the changes to our custodian arrangements, we have produced these FAQs to help our clients understand the impact of the changes taking place. Should you require any further clarification or have queries, please feel free to reach out to us.

Why is 4 Shires changing custodians?

4 Shires is appointing a new custodian, James Brearley, due to Jarvis withdrawing from the SIPP market. This decision was made to support our business needs and your financial interests more effectively.

What are the benefits of transitioning to James Brearley?

A key benefit of switching to James Brearley is that cash held in your account will now earn interest, at a rate of 3% per annum, which was not available with Jarvis.

Will there be any impact on the management of my portfolio during the transition?

The transition to James Brearley is designed to be seamless and will not impact the management of your portfolio. It will involve some administrative steps that 4 Shires will guide you through.

What administrative steps are required from me during the transition?

You will need to:

  • Attend an in-person meeting.
  • Review and sign new agreements with 4 Shires and James Brearley.
  • Sign the Transfer Authority for the new Custodian for your accounts.
  • Arrange your portfolio’s transition date.

Why do I need to sign a new Investment Management Agreement?

As your original agreement referenced an outsourced arrangement with Jarvis a new agreement will need to be signed that describes the new terms which you will have directly with James Brearley.