We believe that our clients deserve the very best modern portfolio management techniques and skills learnt over several decades.

By Institutional we mean large fund management companies that manage hundreds of millions to tens of billions of pounds of assets.

Institutional Quality covers the following:

  • A deep knowledge of financial assets and how they interplay and effect each other.
  • A rigorous examination of investments and their potential returns, adjusted for the risk of owning the asset.
  • An ability to question and examine management and their track record.This applies to corporate managers and fund managers.
  • Modelling of corporate profitability when required, to unearth potential profitable opportunities or avoiding wealth destruction traps.
  • International experience of global equity and bond markets. Our investment director has worked overseas and run money in all major global markets.We maintain valuable institutional contacts in key markets.
  • Knowledge of corporate valuation tools used in private equity and corporate finance departments to ascertain suitable valuations for direct equity holdings.
  • Ability to analyse the depth and liquidity of any market into which our clients assets are placed.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but indicates what we mean by “institutional quality”

When applied to the private client world, we like to think that we offer a superior service using a wide-angle approach to investment that can focus and understand the minutiae of each potential and existing asset we buy, hold or sell for all our clients.