Investment Commentary Q4 2019 & Q1 2020

The latest 4 Shires Investment Commentary for Q4 2019 & Q1 2020, is now available to view and download

Click here to view the investment commentary online.

The topics in this commentary include:

  • Covid-19 Coronavirus
  • Oil Price Fall
  • Market Update
  • The UK Budget
  • Markets & Investment Outlook: Bond Quality

Risk Disclaimer: The value of investments and the income you get from them may fall as well as rise, and there is no certainty that you will get back the amount of your original investment. You should also be aware that past performance may not be a reliable guide to future performance. This document is not intended as investment advice. Any security mentioned in this commentary is for information purposes only and is not a recommendation to buy. 4 Shires, its clients and its staff may own some of the investments that we mention in this report.